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Appendix D. Cg Keywords

Appendix D. Cg Keywords

D.1 Cg Keyword List

Following is the list of Cg reserved words. Words marked with an asterisk are case-insensitive.

In addition to the words on this list, any identifier with two underscores as a prefix (for example, __ newType ) is reserved. Note that matrix and vector types (such as half2x3 or float4 ) are not on this list because they can be used as identifiers. Still, we recommend that you treat the matrix and vector types as reserved words, thereby avoiding confusion.

asm*              explicit           pixelfragment*       template

asm_fragment      extern             pixelshader*         texture*

auto              FALSE              private              texture1D

bool              fixed              protected            texture2D

break             float*             public               texture3D

case              for                register             textureCUBE

catch             friend             reinterpret_cast     textureRECT

char              get                return               this

class             goto               row_major            throw

column_major      half               sampler              TRUE

compile           if                 sampler_state        try

const             in                 sampler1D            typedef

const_cast        inline             sampler2D            typeid

continue          inout              sampler3D            typename

decl*             int                samplerCUBE          uniform

default           interface          shared               union

delete            long               short                unsigned

discard           matrix*            signed               using

do                mutable            sizeof               vector*

double            namespace          static               vertexfragment*

dword*            new                static_cast          vertexshader*

dynamic_cast      operator           string*              virtual

else              out                struct               void

emit              packed             switch               volatile

enum              pass*              technique*           while


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